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[av_heading heading=’CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE GILI ISLANDS giving the eco-systems a voice’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

There are several Non Government Organisations operating in and around the Gilis focused on conservation and sustainability in the islands as well as rehabilitation projects. As the Gili Islands are attracting more and more visitors each year, many expats and locals have come together and formed these organisations to insure that the islands maintain their delicate eco-systems that make them so unique and spectacular. Get involved!

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[av_heading heading=’GILI ECO TRUST (GET)’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Gili T based coordinator Delphine Robbe is directly involved in several land and sea based eco-iniatives, includingBiorock reef restoration as well as communications with local governments to achieve environmental protections. GET also funds several other conservation organisations in the islands and organizes free vet clinics for the island’s cats and horses.


[av_heading heading=’SATGAS’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Created in 2000 by Trawangan locals to protect corals and marine wildlife by organising patrols around the islands to end destructive fishing practices and defining legal fishing areas. Works in conjunction with GET.

[av_heading heading=’FRONT MASYARAKAT PEDULI LINGKUNGAN (FMPL)’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Started in 1992, Gili T based NGO of the local community, collecting rubbish from the streets and houses daily. All local businesses participate in this organisation in partnership with Gili Eco Trust.

[av_heading heading=’GILI ISLAND DIVE ASSOCIATION (GIDA)’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

This is an organisation of select dive centres in Gili T who operate under environmentally aware standards adhering to professionalism and high levels of safety, as well as respect and care for the surrounding seas.


[av_heading heading=’GILI SHARK FOUNDATION’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Based in Gili T funded by GET and established by photographer Steve Woods- works with several other organisations as well as every dive centre on Gili T to collect scientific data about Gili marine life on a project called Sharks Count. All divers can get involved through their dive centre by filling out a form noting the presence/absence of sharks, rays & turtles on their dive.


[av_heading heading=’TURTLE CONSERVATION’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Gili T and Gili Meno each have their own sea turtle conservatories where newly hatched turtles are kept in safe pools until they can grow to a larger size and are not so vulnerable to predation. They are then set free into the waters just out the front of the conservatories. Gili Air’s Oceans 5 Dive Resort has special pools where sick and injured sea turtles are kept and cared for until they can be released. These conservatories and care centres run entirely on donations.

[av_heading heading=’CATS OF GILI ‘ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

Based on Gili T, works with GET & GIDA. Organises vet clinics and spays and neuters cats to keep breeding under control. Also organises volunteer vets and fundraisers.


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EVERY FRIDAY in Gili Air & Gili T

With Gili Cares, a local land organisation based on Gili Air. Look for signs posted around the island and in their facebook to know where to meet and at what time.

facebook: Gili Cares

Trawangan Dive & Big Bubble Dive: Gili T based dive centres who run weekly beach clean ups. Big Bubble Dive is also a hub for regular environmental presentation sand and a big supporter of Gili Eco Trust.

Oceans 5 Dive Resort on Gili Air hosts weekly reef clean-up dives where all certified divers can participate in a free scuba dive whilst clearing the reef of debris. They also host conservation presentations every 2 months.


[av_heading heading=’REEF CHECK COURSE’ tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]

A 3-4 day course taken to become a certified Eco Diver and a part of the world’s largest marine research team. Improves knowledge by teaching species indentification, monitoring and coral reef surverying. Available through South Sea Nomads in Manta Dive in Gili T.


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Shark Guardian


Thailand based conservation initiative working with The Gili Shark Foundation and GET. Shark Guardian aims to protect marine environments by protecting shark an ray populations via education, conservation, skill development & promotion of research and projects.




Shark Savers


Based in Bali Shark Savers is working to improve the image of sharks, raise awareness about threats to sharks, reduce demand for shark fins, and end the practice of shark finning on a world-wide scale.




Coral Guardian


A French based organisation operating in Indonesia, Coral Guradian works with GET in establishing artificial Biorock reefs to promote new coral growth and to educate people about the global importance of maintaining coral reef eco-systems.




Sea Sanctuaries


Based in Raja Ampat and established by Helen Newman, Sea Sanctuaries works with organistions throughout Indonesia including Gili Shark Foundation. Of many things Sea Sanctuaries has successfully been recognised by the Indonesian goverment and has worked out Marine Conservation Agreements- establising marine reserve ‘no take zones.’




Aquatic Alliance


Formed in 2012 in Lembongan. Passionate, everday divers have come together to research manta rays and educate the public about them via regular presentations in Lembongan and the Gilis- ultimately aiming to protect these creatures. Working with several other conservation organisations and dive centres in the islands. Volunteer and dive master training opportunities available.




Manta Watch


Based in Flores, works with Aquatic Alliance. Manta watch aims to protect Indonesia’s Manta Rays by studying them in their natural environment and tagging them to monitor their movement. With the collected data they aim to promote awareness of Manta conservation via regular Manta Watch presentations.




Project AWARE


Is a movement established through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) aimed at creating environmentally responsible and aware divers. They support and sponsor several eco-efforts in the Gili Islands.